Volatility vs. RTP in online slots – Understanding the difference

Volatility vs. RTP in online slots - Understanding the difference

When playing online slot games, you’ll come across two important terms that determine how the games perform – volatility and RTP. It’s a measure of risk that indicates if a slot has frequent small wins or fewer but much bigger wins.

  1. Low volatility – Has lots of frequent but smaller wins. The payouts are lower but very steady. You’ll rarely lose your entire bankroll in one session.
  2. Medium volatility – Provides a balance between smaller payouts and larger wins. Sometimes you’ll win big, other times have smaller wins. A higher variance than low volatility.
  3. High volatility – The game has fewer but way bigger payouts. You may go many spins with no wins followed by a massive jackpot.

Higher volatility slots are riskier but offer the chance for truly massive payouts. Lower volatility slots provide more consistent play and smaller rewards. Moderate volatility is in the middle for balanced play.

RTP in slots

RTP stands for “return to player” percentage. This is the amount of money wagered on a slot and paid back to players over time. Online slots RTPs can range from 80% up to 99%. A slot with a 95% RTP will pay out $950 for every $1,000 wagered on it over time. It doesn’t mean you’ll finish a session up or down exactly 95% of your total bets. Rather, it represents the long-term payout percentage. The higher the RTP, the lower the house edge and the better the game is for players. An 80% RTP has a high house edge of 20%, while a 99% RTP has only a 1% house edge.

Choosing your type of slot

  • Lower volatility slots provide a slow and steady playing experience with marginal but consistent payouts. Sessions last longer, but payouts won’t be huge. These are solid for beginners learning the ropes.
  • Medium volatility slots add excitement with a healthy mix of smaller payouts and bigger wins. You never know what’s around the corner. It is ideal for recreational players looking for solid action combined with some thrills.
  • High volatility slots are the heart-pounding choice when you want to chase truly giant jackpots and scores. The workhauscollectivegameplay is fast-paced with lots of big wins. Veterans tend to prefer volatile slots for the adrenaline rush.

How do RTP and volatility work together?

A high volatility slot has a high or low RTP. The volatility indicates how often you’ll win, while the RTP determines how much you’ll win relative to wagers over time. For example, a low volatility slot with a 95% RTP will dish out small, frequent wins that add up to a 95% return. But a high volatility slot with the same 95% RTP will have less frequent but bigger wins that also work out to a 95% return. The volatility changes the gameplay experience, while the RTP determines if the house edge is slanted more toward the player or casino.

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